how to properly use hashtags

How to Properly Use Hashtags on Social Media

Ah… the #hashtag! Likely the most celebrated and recognized symbol used in popular culture today. But, how do you properly use hashtags on social media?

From the hottest to the coldest of trends, from somber causes to delightfully, entertaining campaigns… even to the most controversial campaigns… hashtags help us discover and categorize content on social media networks. This special symbol can help spark conversation and encourage engagement.

There are rules for using hashtags. Whether you’re a business or an individual, here are some useful hashtag Do’s and Don’ts to help you communicate online when using social media.


    • research hashtags before you use them
    • be mindful that hashtags are used differently across social media networks
    • use relevant hashtags that match your post captions, text, and/or imagery
    • make a list of hashtags related to your interests
    • watch popular hashtags and plan ahead for special hashtag holidays – check out the hashtags your favorite influencers use
    • monitor which of the hashtags you use perform the best… and worst
    • consider using a hashtag tracking tool if you’re an advanced user

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    • use too many hashtags, it’s hard to read
    • expect your audience to use new, unknown hashtags w/o a good reason
    • carelessly use a brand or cause hashtag
    • use the same hashtags all the time
    • make your hashtags too complicated
    • write a post with all hashtags (it looks spammy)

We literally could go on for days adding to these Do’s and Don’ts.

Have fun with this powerful symbol. Use it wisely so you can be found and have meaningful conversations with your followers.

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