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Michael Roach has been called a “great marketer and communicator.” He is seen as a leader that can offer interesting perspectives on a variety of topics—current as well as trending. He has been invited to speak about topics related to business, marketing, technology, personal branding, design, and career development. His background in these areas gives audiences great value and knowledge they can carry on with and utilize beyond conferences, workshops, and courses.

Some Topics Michael Covers:

  • Marketing (Strategy, Branding, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Email Campaigns, Analytics)
  • Business (Entrepreneurship, Startups, Strategy, Employer Branding)
  • Technology (Websites, UI/UX, Data, Software)
  • Creativity/Design (Graphic Design, Creative Process, Digital Design)
  • Personal Branding
  • Career Development

Past Presentations:



Marketing & Creative
“How to Channel the 1990s in Your Creative Projects”
Back in the 1990s when Alanis Morissette was hitting the charts and your favorite show was Friends, you probably had no idea you were consuming pop-culture history. Fast-forward to today and those funky, weird visual references are before your eyes again. Using nostalgia and classic pop-culture references in the creative process is not new. However, you can borrow and tastefully quote those highly emotional times in your work. Attend this class to see how.

Instagram for Business – A Crash Course
Instagram is an online and very social community that no longer consists of just youth. Businesses and brands are making grand entrances on this platform. To succeed, you’ll need to add some visual skills to your business toolbox. Build your brand and get results on Instagram with this course.

How to Visually Advertise Your Business
Attract attention, but also entertain. Inspire. Make people believe. Get in to the mind of the consumer. Learn why some visuals in advertising make us change our minds and our behaviors.
… and more

Career Development Talks:
“Let Go: How to Move On After Job Loss and on to Employment”
After losing a job, it can be difficult to get motivated and reel into action. Great things happen as a result of doing. Learn ways to move forward, squash bitter resentment, and conquer the journey ahead of you… moving onto bigger and better things.

“Navigating the Stormy Job-Hunting Seas”
Like the stormy seas, job-hunting can be choppy, unsettling, unpredictable, and scary. An experienced sailor can’t tame the seas. However, the sailor can steer, position the vessel, and take advantage of the wind’s direction. You can also steer and position yourself. Find your way back to stability with these important job-hunting lessons.

“Job Hacks for Career Switchers”
Life is too short to feel stuck. Not happy about your current career track? If the dread is too much and you’re ready to make changes, consider trying these helpful hacks to make your career switch now.
… and more

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