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What is digital signage and what does it do for business?

If you own a physical retail store, restaurant, or operate a hotel, you know how important it is to create customers. It’s also important to develop happy returning customers. Your physical location is likely primed to accomplish both objectives with digital signage. You might be wondering how digital signage can address the needs of your customers.

You know that customers have needs of their own. They want to find products, services, and items that serve their immediate desires. If they have difficulty finding what they need and want, they experience frustration. Digital signs help communicate details about items you sell and reduces the frustration of not having timely information. It also streamlines customer decision making.

The result?

A committed customer who embraces and craves more experiences with your business.

Digital signage is the display of images, videos, and text shown on screens that help communicate messages to your audience.

Some types of digital signage

Digital Menu Boards – This type of signage shows items from your restaurant’s menu. With this technology, there’s no more swapping in panels of handwritten or expensive printed food and price combinations. A little planning and the right content, gets you selling high-margin dishes… which results in more profit for your business.

Waiting Area – This type of signage performs well in places where large crowds are gathered. It could be at ticket lines for the big game, or at the airport. Content delivered during wait times provide helpful, entertaining, and informative information. Crowds that have their attention focused on relevant content like scores, weather, and news forget about the pains of waiting.

Informational – This type of signage offers quick reminders, announcements, tips for safety, inspirational quotes, or positive takeaways for teams of employees.

Point-of-sale – This type of signage delivers at the point of transaction. It’s commonly found in retail situations. When done well, this type of signage suggests additional products close by that complement a customer’s purchase. The systems can even be configured to offer special promotions that create return customers.

There are so many other uses for digital signage. It is the visual technology and content that truly drives purchasing decisions.

Whether you have an existing solution, or thinking of purchasing one, you need high-quality relevant content that speaks to customers. To be effective, the content should match your business visual guidelines, include logos where necessary, and have a consistent look-and-feel.

High-quality photos, images, animations, videos… we do it! Planning, advice, or consulting to make the most out of your digital signage investment.. we do it!

Work with a firm that understands Creative, Marketing, Strategy, and gets to know Details about how your business works.

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