Olio Consulting Group website

Website – Government and Nonprofit Consulting Firm

Michael Roach Creative upgraded a basic 2-page website into a more robust multi-page business website for a new, quickly growing consulting firm. The firm works with suburban and rural communities in the upstate New York area.

We provided a professional, visually appealing website that would help the firm attract clients in government, law enforcement, and organizations in the community.

Visit the site.

scenes from animated explainer video

Animated Explainer Video

What’s the best way to explain a new donation and giving platform to investors and users? Use an animated explainer video.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firm, GyvLink, tapped us to create three versions of an animated video to be used for social media ads, organic social posts, for investor presentations, and more.

Our firm worked with voice talent, and used simple, yet colorful imagery to convey what the software does and who it helps. See the 60, 30, and 15-second animated videos below.

GyvLink 60-second video

GyvLink 30-second video

GyvLink 15-second video

Website – Large Scale Concrete Construction Company

Michael Roach Creative provided WordPress website development and update support that would help the Unistress construction company position itself as a leader in the industry when it comes to a large-scale precast/prestressed concrete structures. This Massachusetts-based company creates products found in highway bridges, railway stations, multi-level parking facilities, and other industrial structures.

mentisano web project

Website – Psychiatric Medical Practice

Michael Roach Creative was tasked with creating a structured and organized website for a psychiatric medical practice. The site offers new and existing patients a comfortable browsing experience. Users can get a sense that this practice is not a typical health care provider. Special attention was made to ensure the services were detailed so patients can understand their treatment options.

Website updates were also needed to adhere to COVID-19 regulations regarding in-person office visits, health notices, and telehealth policies.

View the site here.

digital signage advertising

Digital Signage Advertising for Dutch Pot Restaurant

In New York State’s capital city of Albany, there is a architectural and engineering marvel. That marvel is called the Empire State Plaza. This several-building complex consists of state buildings that thousands of government workers and state legislators call their workplace.

At the Plaza, over twenty restaurants serve workers. One of the restaurants is The Dutch Pot. The eatery has the finest dishes and uses the zestiest spices of the Jamaican Cuisine.

The Dutch Spot chose Michael Roach Creative to create digital signage advertising content to attract patrons and remind them of the “taste of the islands.” Though workers have food choices from countries like Mexico, Japan, and France, people keep coming back to the Dutch Pot.

Michael Roach Creative’s design captures the essence of the cuisine with vibrant colors and an attractive palette that makes the mouth water and creates sales.

Kitchen and Living Showroom Photography

Where people entertain, eat, and make a mess. The kitchen. The goal here—capture this space for print use to market this showroom and all of its other kitchen and living delights.

Productivity-Time Management Social Media Video Content

Produced, directed, and edited video content for time management and productivity coaching company, Take Back My Day. Content used as social media video episodes to engage an audience hungry for important life and business advice.

View an episode now on YouTube!

Take Back My Day - Social Media Video Content

Take Back My Day - Makeup

Behind the scenes, makeup application

Social Media Video Content

View an episode now on YouTube!

Black Book Project

Aired on the PBS (TED-inspired WMHT Talks Education) program and performed at colleges and museums, this multimedia concert by TEN 27 blends live original music and images from the Hubble Space Telescope.